Our Consulting Services

    We provide consulting services to enhance and transform your business and to
    achieve your business objectives.  The following are the areas we specialize in:

Business Applications

    You want information to be accessible to the right people at the right time.  You want to
    give them the tools to allow them to make effective, timely business decisions. Perhaps
    you want to improve efficiency by eliminating the duplication of effort, manual processes
    and spreadsheets that are used today.

    TPS of Illinois, Incorporated can assist you with the selection of your business
    applications, implementation, integration with other applications, report creation,
    version upgrades and ongoing support.

    Our main specialities are PeopleSoft Financial, HCM and Supply Chain applications.

Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence systems and processes need to be flexible enough to change with
    your organization's needs.  The key concept to remember is that one size does not fit

    TPS of Illinois, Incorporated has experienced consultants that understand the
    challenges of business intelligence initiatives and can help you navigate around these
    pitfalls.  Our services include:

      Scorecard / Dashboard Design and Development
      Evaluate your current business intelligence environment and provide
      Business Intelligence Development Services (Cognos)
      Vendor selection process
      Development of your Business intelligence Competency Center (BICC)

    Our main speciality is Cognos Business Intelligence.

 IT Strategy

    Information technology is a major investment.  Here are some questions you should be
    asking yourself:
      Does your information technology meet your current and future
                        business needs?
      Are you spending what you should on information technology and IT staff?
      Do you believe your are getting the return on investment from your IT
      Do you know which technologies you need and how to use them effectively?

    TPS of Illinois, Incorporate has experienced consultants who understand the benefits of
    technology and how businesses can leverage that technology.  Our approach will be to
    evaluate your current business needs and your long-term objectives.  We will then
    identify the right technology to support your business and explain the best was to utilize
    them.  Our goal is to find the right fit for you.

Supply Chain Management

    Your supply chain management approach must address the following problems:

              Distribution Network Configuration - Number and location of suppliers,
                 production facilities, distribution centers, warehouses and customers.
              Distribution Strategy - Centralized versus decentralized, direct shipment,
                 cross docking, pull or push strategies, third party logistics.
              Information - Integrate systems and processes through the supply chain
                 to share valuable information, including demand signals, forecasts,
                 inventory and transportation etc.
              Inventory Management - Quantity and location of inventory including raw
                 materials, work-in-process and finished goods.

    By focusing on these problems, we can enable your company to realize your vision and
    business strategies ahead of your competition.  TPS of Illinois, Incorporated knows how
    to help you link your internal capabilities with your customers and suppliers.  We have
    the experience and knowledge of the strategies, processes, technology and
    organizational issues that you need to address in order to use your supply chain to
    gain strategic advantage.

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