Our Network Solutions

    The primary reason growing businesses engage us is our proactive network
    management. Working with us, clients enjoy a complete IT management package - all for
    significantly lower costs than hiring internally.

Proactive on-site support

    During monthly/quarterly scheduled on-site support.  We'll take on responsibility for
    proactive management of your network.  Our approach will save you money by
    preventing problems before they occur.

IT Administration

    A detailed IT Administration management of technology needs assessment will be
    provided. This includes providing hardware specifications; resolving ISP issues; and
    managing website, application, and wiring vendors. We want you to spend as little time
    as possible managing your technology needs!

Strategy Reviews

    Quarterly or semi-annual IT strategy reviews by us will enable your senior management
    team to stay current on technology tends, review technology trends within your industry,
    and measure our progress over time.  In addition, our quarterly/semi-annual IT strategy
    reviews enable us to work with you to enforce accountability on how well we meet the
    goals you set out.

Network Assessment

    Our Network Assessment is an objective review of an organization’s technology
    infrastructure. The Network Assessment outlines the current condition of key areas

           1.        OS level patching
           2.        Virus software patching and scanning
           3.        Adware software patching and scanning
           4.        Desktop backup and recovery
           5.        Network drive backup and recovery
           6.        Network login/connectivity troubleshooting
           7.        Application login/connectivity troubleshooting
           8.        Desktop performance troubleshooting
           9.        Application performance troubleshooting
           10.      Software installation and removal
           11.      Hardware support and maintenance

    The Network Assessment provides prioritized recommendations for each technology
    subset on how to maintain or improve performance over time. The goal is to provide a
    roadmap that any IT professional can follow to enhance organizational performance
    through the use of technology.